Report from the PFGM NSW Co-ordinators’ and Leaders’ Day 2012

We had a lovely sunny day for the annual meeting of our motivational day for leaders, mainly from the PFGM Sydney area, as this was the first time it was held at Grace Cottage, our PFGM home in Frenchs Forest . The day started with an inspiring Morning Prayer service, run by the wonderful Marg and Paul Casey, from Callala Bay. Each year they surprise us with their innovative thinking. Mary Ingham welcomed all the people, starting with Ron and…

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Christmas 2011

You could easily say that I am one-eyed! Well, that eye is on you and it’s an eye of gratitude and love. It certainly doesn’t stop me from wishing you a very happy and blessed Christmas. With Santa busily working over my shoulder, what else could a
man say?

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When the dream becomes the reality

Occasionally you meet someone with a dynamic personality whose memory lives through what they can inspire, when the dream becomes the reality.

Such a person is Fr. Peter McGrath, an Australian Priest, who has had an amazing impact in St. Wilfrid’s School and Parish recently.  Rarely have I experienced so much spontaneous joy and laughter, especially in the Church, shedding new light on aspects of God’s love, and raising our awareness for the need of friendship, support and love in tparish.  Through his wealth of stories and anecdotes he enkindled a new desire for love and belonging.

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10th Anniversary of 9/11

As we all remembered the tragedy of 9/11 ten years ago, Father Peter McGrath was celebrating a Mass of Remembrance in Auburn, Maine USA with the parish of St. Phillips where their 7 Family Groups were celebrating 15 years. Fr. Roger Chabot, Pastor when Family Groups were first started but now retired, returned to take part in the Mass and the following celebration. Also, Chief Dan Daly was giving a heart rending presentation in Dublin to remember the victims of…

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Age of Miracles Has Returned

by Reporter Philip Grier
In a recent interview with Fr Peter McGrath CP, the worldwide head of the “Family Group Movement”, Fr McGrath excitedly informed this reporter that he is being inundated with phone calls, faxes, letters and emails from all round the world relating stories of miracles happening in the lives of many of the “Family Group” members.

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The Secret to True Happiness?

The Passionist Family Group Movement May Have the Answer

In April 2011 the Office of National Statistics will ask the UK population to rate their own well-being in the first official Happiness Index.  David Cameron’s £2 million plan to measure the nation’s happiness makes good an election pledge which promised a significant coalition investment in the quality of life as well as in economic growth.  Speaking at the Google Zeitgeist Europe conference last year the Prime Minister said, “It’s time we admitted that there’s more to life than money and it’s time we focused not just on GDP but on GWP – general well being.”

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A Weekend away at Gerrigong

Shirley & Ian Marnoch organised a weekend at Gerringong and members from several Family groups attended. The weather was not very good with some rain most days but no one seemed to care and with lots of chats, some hardy swimmers and a few outdoor games everyone was happy and “singing in the rain”. Kevin Roberts

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Report from the PFGM NSW Co-ordinators’ and Leaders’ Day 2011

We started the day with a prayer service organized by Marg and Paul Casey (Wollongong diocese). With their amazing creativity, they led us into Morocco for our opening prayer and into our hearts. Many of our leaders from all around NSW, came forward and lit the light of Christ for all their people, especially their sick and those who had gone home to the Father. You were remembered. Something special happened that took us deeper into our hearts. The photo…

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Queensland Floods 2011 – Letter from Dan Daly FDNY

To My Good Friends Down Under, It is with alarm and sadness that I followed, first the great floods and then a cyclone of historical proportion in Queensland. It seemed that this natural onslaught would never end. I watched with disbelief the graphic videos of the houses being swept away by the floods and, not long after, houses being blown away by the cyclone. I heard names like Toowoomba, Tully, Mission Beach and Brisbane. These were all places where I…

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Queensland Floods 2011 – Where in Australia is Father Peter???

Fr. Peter continues his ‘Mission’ in Queensland since 14 January. He has been in the area of Brisbane and at the parish of Albany Creek. Next was Bundaberg and Hervey Bay. Now, at the request of the Bishop of Rockhampton, he continues to Emerald for weekend Masses. He is able to offer a down-to-earth spirituality which he is so very good at. Straight after Emerald, he will be in Townsville to assist where possible with many of our Family Group…

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