Fr. Peter continues his ‘Mission’ in Queensland since 14 January. He has been in the area of Brisbane and at the parish of Albany Creek. Next was Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.

Now, at the request of the Bishop of Rockhampton, he continues to Emerald for weekend Masses. He is able to offer a down-to-earth spirituality which he is so very good at.

Straight after Emerald, he will be in Townsville to assist where possible with many of our Family Group people affected by the Cyclone.

There is a great need, as we all know, and Peter is able to help in many ways;- He has got a truckload of “Baskets of Hope’ for the flood victims, and he will be able to encourage, comfort and lovingly reaching out a hand of support to everyone he meets.

Right after Townsville he will drive further north to help in Tully where there have been Family Groups for many years. Even Chief Dan Daly got to meet the Tully Family Group people during for his FDNY presentations back in June 2010.

Hopefully Peter will be back in Sydney late February. Please keep him in your prayers as he goes about helping people in their time of distress and great need. He sends his blessings, love and thanks to everyone.

Kindest regards and love from Grace Cottage.