My Passionist Blanket

Daphne Chamberlain – Christchurch NZ. You are probably thinking “my blanket” is a descriptive term to tell you how the PFGM and the Passionist Charism has enveloped and enhanced my life, and the lives of people round me, like a “spiritual blanket.” If you are, you are not entirely wrong – but “my blanket” is actually a real blanket. It is made of wool. It was knitted in patchwork squares and sewn together. It has covered me every night for…

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Beyond the Razor Wire

Reflection on a Retreat Day at Dallas Prison by Barbara Lunnon. Planning a Retreat Day inside Dallas, Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution is like no other planning!   What could go wrong, or amiss, will certainly happen – before the day, during arrival with security issues, and even after, with departure security red tape.

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Family Groups & Solo Parents

Family Groups Can Work for Solo Parents The Family Groups exist to bring each one of us in touch with the reality of life and the presence of our faith at grass roots level. It is easy to sit down and discuss the problems of others, even to analyse and categorise them, so that one ends up with a neat little package. In the meantime people live, rejoice, suffer and die. Families grow, diminish and often break down. In the…

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What Makes a Family Group Work?

On a beautiful Autumn morning I sit watching the sun rays dance across the water listening to the soft singing of the breeze passing through the trees. I have arrived early to the meeting spot that in ten minutes time will be filled with warm greetings, the excited shouts of children and an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and love. I am awaiting the start of our monthly Family Group get together. While I sit and wait I reflect on the…

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Tribute to Fr. Peter McGrath CP

Fr. Peter has had an amazing impact on the Parishes in England and Wales in which he inspired the setting up of Family Groups.  His easy and at times ‘unholy style’ of communication set aside barriers of British reserve in Church. He raised awareness for the need of friendship, support and love in the Parish.  Through his wealth of stories and anecdotes he enkindled a new desire for love and belonging.

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Christmas 2015

My Brothers and Sisters, I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued generosity, compassion and loyalty to our simple life-giving, community-building Passionist Family Group Movement. The Christmas Hampers (baskets) are an outstanding example of this; practical Christian love to families. Hampers are now in many parishes, having their humble beginnings in 1968 with 11 Hampers in the St. Ives parish – even before St. Anthony in the Fields, Terrey Hills. A week ago I had…

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The PFGM in England: Parish Family Groups – a Priest’s perspective

Sunday, afternoon 30th October 2011 will forever live in the memory. In the cycle of nature winter had begun, however in St. Wilfrid’s Parish Northwich it felt like the beginning of a new springtime. One hundred and twenty people had gathered for the launch of family groups. Among them was Eric who was grieving the death of his wife Mary; a few weeks earlier they celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of their marriage. He came along with his survival kit, a…

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