Fr. Peter has had an amazing impact on the Parishes in England and Wales in which he inspired the setting up of Family Groups.  His easy and at times ‘unholy style’ of communication set aside barriers of British reserve in Church. He raised awareness for the need of friendship, support and love in the Parish.  Through his wealth of stories and anecdotes he enkindled a new desire for love and belonging.

From small beginnings Family Groups have and continue to create more welcoming parishes in our countries in which more people are made to feel belong.  The seeds that he has sown will continue to flourish.  We can take fresh heart from the wisdom of his words,’ that numbers don’t matter and whoever is meant to come will be there’.  His great mantra ‘what is in the heart that mat

Our hearts are one with the Passionist Family Group Movement as you gather round the Altar at St. Anthony in the Fields Church, Terry Hills to give praise and thanks to God for the life and Ministry of Fr. Peter.  He spoke of St. Anthony’s with such warmth and love, that we all felt belong there.  In truth we are, in that this same love of Jesus can make a spiritual imprint in our lives.

Fr. Peter has been instrumental in lighting a flame of faith and love that will burn brightly and will not be extinguished by the dampening clouds of pessimism or cynicism. Wherever we gather in simple friendship and kindness, concern and support; – inspired by the command of Jesus to love one another we will keep the spirit of the Movement that he founded alive.

A message needed more than ever in a world that is broken through suffering and where many feel the pain of isolation and exclusion.  The charism of the Passionate Order to which he devoted his life is that of making incarnate the passionate love of the risen Christ in wounded hearts.

We read in Proverbs that ‘without a vision the people perish’. Fr. Peter, our prayer is that you use the style that is unique to you in asking Jesus to help us, who love you, to enable your vision to become a reality.

Fr. Pat Munroe
Family Groups in England and Wales, Chaplain.