My Passionist Blanket

Daphne Chamberlain – Christchurch NZ. You are probably thinking “my blanket” is a descriptive term to tell you how the PFGM and the Passionist Charism has enveloped and enhanced my life, and the lives of people round me, like a “spiritual blanket.” If you are, you are not entirely wrong – but “my blanket” is actually a real blanket. It is made of wool. It was knitted in patchwork squares and sewn together. It has covered me every night for…

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National Planning Meeting April 2019

And so Fr. Peter’s energy continues.  The Spirit hovered as the skilled and focused facilitator Phil Billington engaged with the National Coordinating Team: Dennis & Mary Morris (ACT/NSW), Gwen & Russ Winterscheidt (Queensland/Northern NSW), Frances & Michael Sullivan (Victoria), supported by Trish & Roger Guiney (spelling) and Alison (Tony being absent) Woolley (Vic), Janelle & Dennis Bergen, and Maryanne Breston (Qland). Coordinators from (NSW) included: Annette & Tony Gutteras: Denis & Elizabeth Farrer: Marg & Paul Casey, and Michael &…

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Beyond the Razor Wire

Reflection on a Retreat Day at Dallas Prison by Barbara Lunnon. Planning a Retreat Day inside Dallas, Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution is like no other planning!   What could go wrong, or amiss, will certainly happen – before the day, during arrival with security issues, and even after, with departure security red tape.

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St James in Sebastopol Victoria Celebrates 25 Years of Family Groups

The Parish of St James in Sebastopol near Ballarat, Victoria, was abuzz with excitement on Sunday, July 25 as the members of Passionist Family Group Movement celebrated their 25th Anniversary during their Sunday Mass.   Coordinator, Anne Porter, spoke about the Movement’s history in St James’ parish and highlighted some of the wonderful experiences enjoyed over the years. After Mass, the parishioners and Parish Priest, Fr Kevin Maloney, joined the Family Group members in the church foyer for morning tea. Group…

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On The Road to Far North Queensland

Some time has passed since Russell and I have had the opportunity to travel to North Queensland. When we returned earlier this year we were so pleased that it was just like ‘old times’. Our first port of call was to have a night with Liz and Jeff Tillack in Townsville….

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Matters of the Heart YouTube Clips


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


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Family Groups & Solo Parents

Family Groups Can Work for Solo Parents The Family Groups exist to bring each one of us in touch with the reality of life and the presence of our faith at grass roots level. It is easy to sit down and discuss the problems of others, even to analyse and categorise them, so that one ends up with a neat little package. In the meantime people live, rejoice, suffer and die. Families grow, diminish and often break down. In the…

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International Family Group Day – Booval Qld

It was a glorious sunny Autumn morning – truly worthy of the International Family Groups Day. Here at Sacred Heart, Booval, Qld., we celebrated with Mass, followed by morning tea for all. How fitting it was that today’s Gospel and Homily were centred on “Love One Another.” Twenty-eight years ago, two young Passionist Priests, the Traynor brothers, came to run a mission in our parish. Definitely not the traditional Fire and Brimstone variety of the past. At each session, Father…

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