Adjusting Our Sails Conference

“We must be vigilant and sensitive to the conditions around us, adjust our course accordingly and allow the winds of change to propel us forward. We cannot change the wind, but we can – and must – adjust our sails.” (Michael McQueen – Winning the Battle for Relevance)

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My Passionist Blanket

Daphne Chamberlain – Christchurch NZ. You are probably thinking “my blanket” is a descriptive term to tell you how the PFGM and the Passionist Charism has enveloped and enhanced my life, and the lives of people round me, like a “spiritual blanket.” If you are, you are not entirely wrong – but “my blanket” is actually a real blanket. It is made of wool. It was knitted in patchwork squares and sewn together. It has covered me every night for…

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