Christmas 2014

My Dear Family, One and All, Who can forget our young Australian Cricketer, PHILLIP HUGHES, who was struck down and killed by a rising cricket ball while batting? Who can forget the sight of the hundreds of people quietly marching behind his coffin in sorrow and support? Why would I begin a Christmas Message of Hope as I have? Many times I heard people say that Phillip Hughes would be looking down from Above, and amazed at the number of…

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St. Anthony in the Fields Youth Group Reunion

What a great day it was! We were blessed with perfect weather for the reunion. 55 turned up to reminisce and renew friend­ships which had started decades ago through the vibrant youth groups at St Anthony’s. The reunion held a true sense of community as we gathered on a bright and sunny spring day. There was no better place than in the fields of St Anthony’s. Our thanks to Fr. Jose for granting us permission to use the grounds of…

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International Family Group Day – Terrey Hills, NSW

International Passionist Family Group Day 2014 was celebrated at the birthplace of the PFGM, St. Anthony in the Fields, Terrey Hills. It was a beautiful autumn day with lovely blue skies, warm temperatures and lots of Family Group people to share our Mass. At the end of Mass, Mary Ingham and Bede Alexander, on behalf of the PFGM coordinators of the Frenchs Forest Parish, talked briefly about the Family Groups and what they mean to the Parish. Everyone in a…

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Where has our Family Time Gone?

How can we get back some good Old Fashioned Family Time? The following quote from a local Sydney newspaper got me thinking about this question …
“Walking through the waiting room of our busy psychology clinic this morning, I heard three families swapping stories about their Earth Hour experiences. One described the fun they had turning off the TV, PlayStation and stereo and playing an old-fashioned game of charades by candlelight. Another described the challenge of playing cards by candlelight with six children. One mother mused on how nice it was to simply sit and talk as a family.”

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St Mary’s Ipswich Celebrates its First Birthday

The parish hall was decked out with streamers and bunting. Music played as nearly 100 parishioners – ages 2-92 arrived Saturday afternoon, 9 November. Tables were festooned with imaginative cooking, baking, and confectionary. Parents rushed their children back from rugby practice and ballet lessons. Senior parishioners altered their schedules. Our clergy freed their diaries. The centrepiece of the festivities was an iced birthday cake, with just one candle – because we in the parish of St Mary’s and Holy Family,…

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Fr. Pat Munroe reflects on the Australian Conference – June 2013

On the weekend (31st May – 2nd June) I was in Melbourne for the annual Australian Directors Gathering of the Passionist Family Group Movement (PPFM) by kind invitation of the Provincial Fr. Tom McDonough CP. Whatever misgivings I may have had in accepting the invitation to travel such a great distance and spend a weekend with people I had never met, they soon dissipated with the warmth of welcome I received. It was in keeping with the Motto of the Movement, a ‘Family for All.’

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The Staying Power of Love

I guess it was 1988 when we joined the Lunnon Family Group, having been members of the St Anthony in the Fields community since 1983. We’d migrated to Australia in 1981 and after a couple of house moves ended up in Terrey Hills, where by 1988 our three children were at primary school. St Anthony’s was a special place for us as a family and joining a Family Group, capital letters or not, seemed a natural thing to do. We…

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125 Years of the Passionists in Australia

On Saturday 17 November 2012, members of several Family Groups from the Frenchs Forest Catholic Parish journeyed to St. Brigid’s for celebrations of 125 years since the arrival of the Passionists at Marrickville. The afternoon commenced with a Mass at 2.00 pm, which encompassed a portrayal of the Passionists’ work with a large variety of people from various backgrounds and cultures. The Mass was celebrated by Fr Joachim Rego cp, the newly elected Superior General of the Passionist Order, assisted by St.…

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The Benefits of Belonging to a Family Group

Dearest Fr Peter, Where do I start???? I didn’t realise the impact that our presence at the change of leadership handover last night would have on everyone. It really is a special moment when you can feel so loved and welcomed amongst a group of people who you haven’t seen for a few years but have come to know as your ‘extended’ family. I must thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful Family Group all those…

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St. Patrick’s at St. Bernadette’s

On St. Patrick’s Day, there are only two types of people in the world – those who are Irish and those who want to be. At St. Bernadette’s at Castle Hill, this time-honoured day of celebrating our Irish heritage, customs and culture represented an opportunity by the Family Groups both to foster Parish community and to raise funds for Fr. Peter and his staff at French’s Forest. On 17 March 2012, over 130 people gathered in the parish hall to…

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