Report from the PFGM NSW Co-ordinators’ and Leaders’ Day 2011

We started the day with a prayer service organized by Marg and Paul Casey (Wollongong diocese). With their amazing creativity, they led us into Morocco for our opening prayer and into our hearts. Many of our leaders from all around NSW, came forward and lit the light of Christ for all their people, especially their sick and those who had gone home to the Father. You were remembered. Something special happened that took us deeper into our hearts. The photo…

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Queensland Floods 2011 – Letter from Dan Daly FDNY

To My Good Friends Down Under, It is with alarm and sadness that I followed, first the great floods and then a cyclone of historical proportion in Queensland. It seemed that this natural onslaught would never end. I watched with disbelief the graphic videos of the houses being swept away by the floods and, not long after, houses being blown away by the cyclone. I heard names like Toowoomba, Tully, Mission Beach and Brisbane. These were all places where I…

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Queensland Floods 2011 – Where in Australia is Father Peter???

Fr. Peter continues his ‘Mission’ in Queensland since 14 January. He has been in the area of Brisbane and at the parish of Albany Creek. Next was Bundaberg and Hervey Bay. Now, at the request of the Bishop of Rockhampton, he continues to Emerald for weekend Masses. He is able to offer a down-to-earth spirituality which he is so very good at. Straight after Emerald, he will be in Townsville to assist where possible with many of our Family Group…

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Queensland Floods 2011 – Baskets of Hope

 Salvation Sunday  –  Brisbane  — 16 January 2011 Greetings and every blessing for this New Year. I am in Brisbane because I simply could not sit on my hands in Sydney when so many of our brothers and sisters, many in our Passionist Family Groups, have suffered trauma throughout Queensland. I wanted to personally offer any help in whatever way possible. It’s wonderful to be with Gwen & Russ Winterscheidt, Directors of our Passionist Family Group Movement in Qld. Gwen…

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Uncommon Gratitude

The title of a book sent to me while in hospital for my heart operation. How appropriate. UNCOMMON GRATITUDE.
How much do I have to give thanks for? Beyond all measure. A cup full and running over.

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Finding friendship in a new Family Group

I am a member of the new Family Group at St Agatha’s Parish Pennant Hills. We had our first meeting with Margaret & John Tibbits, in their home, and we had a lovely evening together, where we shared rather a lot about ourselves. It seemed a time of promise and over a cup of tea we decided to arrange our first outing – a picnic at Putney Park, on the Parramatta River. Chris and Tom arrived ahead of time to see…

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Celebrating International Family Group Day – 2nd May 2010

Throughout the world on this Sunday Family Groups gather in their parishes to put into practice their motto, “A Family for All” with the Eucharist followed by a feast for everyone. Family Groups began right here in the Broken Bay Diocese in 1972 in the tiny church, St. Anthony in the Fields, in rural Terrey Hills.  Now part of the Frenchs Forest Parish. The intimate little community there, where people cared for each other, began to grow quickly. It was…

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Chief Dan Daly’s visit Down Under

Chief Dan Daly is a 24 year veteran of FDNY, the New York City Fire Department. On September 11th 2001, Dan responded to Ground Zero. What he saw on that day, and in the days and months to follow, changed his life forever. Now Dan shares his message of peace, hope and tolerance around the world.

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The Power of Family Groups

Early in August Father Peter McGrath ran a Sunday for family groups. He asked me along with others to make a presentation on how family groups had influenced my life.

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