The title of a book sent to me while in hospital for my heart operation. How appropriate. UNCOMMON GRATITUDE.

How much do I have to give thanks for? Beyond all measure. A cup full and running over.

I owe so many my very life – the surgeons, amazing nurses, the whole medical staff that brought be out of the Valley of Death. The prayers, the best wishes, your endless support from around the world. In the middle of that IS YOU.

From the hundreds of letters and cards I received, there was always a message from the heart to the heart. Often, also, – “Peter, behave yourself and take time to rest. It’s going to be a long process.”

Since coming from hospital to a few days at a rehabilitation centre, I realize that I need the time. Nevertheless, after this transition, I will slowly be able to be with you.

I’d like to end with the meaning of ‘Alleluia’, I have to confess, I’ve said Alleluia hundreds of thousands of times and never knew what it meant. Now I know both in the head and above all, in the heart.

It was one of the oldest hymns of the Early Christian Community. Alleluia. “All hail to the One Who IS”.

I thank the mysterious God in whom we all move and have our being and Who sent His healing love to me through all of you.

Your brother on the mend, Alleluia, Alleluia!!

Fr Peter McGrath
July 2010