First Version:

  • I was sick and you took care of me. “I am an eight year old boy dying of AIDS. You took me in as one of your own. You helped me to celebrate my life and impending death with the Family Group.”
  • I was hungry and thirsty – for love, not knowing it. And you touched me. “We were parents who changed our rigid, harsh parenting of our children through the love and example of other parents in our Family Group.”
  • I was a stranger to myself and you opened my eyes. “We belong to Family Groups. Gradually we were able to talk, share our experiences. We opened up as you listened. We saw the world and other people – even ourselves, as friends. Before we were strangers in a foreign land.”
  • I was imprisoned – the secrets of my life hidden within me. “You opened my heart and allowed me to speak. I was not condemned, I was freed. I was a father who couldn’t forgive my teenage son. Over time, my heart was freed and I was able to share my feelings honestly with my group and learn to forgive.”

Second Version:

  • I was hungry for company and you talked to me.
  • I was obnoxious and you tolerated me.
  • I was a stranger and you welcomed me into a Family Group.
  • I was feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of child/teenage-raising and you shared and supported me.
  • i was seriously ill and you rallied round me. Through the illness, our Family Group was brought closer together.
  • I had a baby and you brought a casserole to our home.