by Reporter Philip Grier
In a recent interview with Fr Peter McGrath CP, the worldwide head of the “Family Group Movement”, Fr McGrath excitedly informed this reporter that he is being inundated with phone calls, faxes, letters and emails from all round the world relating stories of miracles happening in the lives of many of the “Family Group” members.
“It started with a miracle in my own life” Peter related. “I was going through a period of acute personal stress and asked God for a sign. Before I knew where I was, I received the sign and was well on the road to recovery. I told a few people about this and they told a few people and the whole thing has just exploded! The simple secret is that if you want to have a miracle take place in your life, you just have to ask for it. I can’t believe the success that people all round the world are reporting, and it is not just members of the ‘Family Group’!”
Peter continued: “The truth be known, we have never stopped having miracles in our lives, we just stopped recognising them for what they were. I challenge your readers to try for themselves. If they are having problems in their lives which they wish resolved, I recommend them to sit in silence for a few minutes, focus on their difficulties and as God for a solution, a sign. When the sign comes, act on it. It is as simple as that.”