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This emblem was designed in 1983 by the laity with a distinct Passionist flavour, as you can see.

The emblem features three generations of people within the Heart, depicting a place in Family Groups for everyone wishing to deepen their Christian love and acceptance of one other.

The Cross is in the heart of our lives reminding us that Family Groups don’t take away the difficulties of life but give us the strength and courage to live life as followers of Christ; to live out the simple Gospel message to “Love One Another”.

The motto is “A Family for all”. Family Groups provide an extended family for all who wish to belong; married, single or divorced. There is a giving and receiving by all members of the group to each other. Everyone is welcome to join.

In 1994, the International Year of the Family, there was a change concerning the people depicted in the Heart.

With the changing racial composition of Family Groups, our original, creative artist added a few deft touches of the pen to show that Family Groups are for EVERYONE, no matter what their ethnic background.

In 1998, colour became an extra added feature of the logo for those viewing our web site.

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